TRYP Air Charter Exceeds Expectations

Oct 8, 2021


Mary McQueen

Lakeland, Florida / June 21, 2021: TRYP Air Charter announced that the company exceeded expectations in
Q1 and should continue to set records in Q2 beyond showing such strong growth that they are now adding
additional aircraft to service the Florida regions.

"We couldn't be more excited to be utilizing and adding these high demand TurboProp aircraft to the fleet and
to have more located in the Florida region", Owner, Elliot Mintzer commented. "Our monthly flight hours are
breaking records, the total hours on 1 PC12 are more than any other PC12 operator that have 4 in their fleet!"
Mintzer added.

This has created such a demand for ownership we are now adding additional PC12 aircraft that will be utilized
for Northeast Florida and the Bahamas.

In the past 6 months, we have created many jobs, added additional revenue to the Florida economy due to this
activity. Rental cars, Hotel bookings, Jet fuel sales, Catering services along with Aircraft cleaning contracts.

Filatus PC12 aircraft allow clients to travel with up to 9 passengers, enjoy a VIP experience in the luxury cabin
that is larger than a mid-size jet for about half the hourly cost. That cost runs approximately $1400 per hour*.
The PC12 climbs to 28,000' and travels at 300MPH making trips as far as Chicago, Washington, DC and other
cities very easy and accessible.

Take the TRYP!

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