Frequently asked questions

What does Part 135 mean?

FAA 135 Certification provides that aircraft are maintained to higher maintenance standards, crew training, flight checks, and more.

Where does TRYP fly?

TRYP Air Charter can land at thousands of local and regional airports across the southeast, mid-Atlantic as well as the islands in the Bahamas. See the map Here.

Can I pay for my flight with a Credit Card?

Yes. TRYP accepts all major credit cards.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Booking can be done up to day of departure, depending on availability. TRYP Air Charter is an on-demand service with aircraft and crew on standby for your convenience. Book Here

I am ready to book, how do I schedule my flight?

You may complete an online request for a flight quote or contact the flight center at 904-404-8108 or 800-905-9456. Please have the specifics of your requested trip available when you call. We will check the availability and then send formal paperwork to book your flight. Book Here

Where do I meet the aircraft?

Once your flight is confirmed you will receive all of the details for your flight. The most frequent meeting place is the FBO or Fixed Base Operator, imagine this as a reception area for private aircraft at the airport.

How long do I need to be at the airport prior to departure?

We will depart on your schedule. Please plan to arrive 15 mins before planned departure to give the crew ample time to load the aircraft and complete any pre-flight paperwork. Should your departure time change, please contact us immediately so that we can make flight plan adjustments.

What kind of luggage can be loaded?

We ask that all our passengers use Hockey style soft sided duffel-like luggage at a max of 25lbs per person

Who does TRYP Air Charter serve?  

TRYP has created a travel program to service all business travelers when arranging their travel needs. Fast, safe and cost effective service is the difference.

Are there any loyalty programs?

TRYP Air Charter offers a volume discount program for frequent flight usage and also a rewards program to show appreciation for loyalty. View it Here

Interested in taking a TRYP? How about private air charter?

In today’s new travel environment, many are avoiding the middle seat but also commercial airlines all together and opting for a different way to travel.

Private or “charter” aircraft companies have seen a surge in requests and bookings, flying new clients for business and personal travel to many destinations. Private aircraft usage has many benefits over the commercial airlines such as being able to depart from a local airport at a time you specify, free parking, no security lines, and the ability to land closer to your destination.

Utilizing private aircraft has great benefits but if not researched properly may put you at risk.

“I want to charter a plane but what do I look for?” First and foremost, only use certificated FAA carriers that are regulated under Part135. These are the rules charter companies must live by. Training, maintenance, safety protocols are held to the highest standards and to the likes of commercial airlines.

“My friend has a plane, can I just charter theirs?” If it’s FAA certified, yes...but if not and it’s used for travel there could be fines and penalties imposed by several government agencies. There has been a surge in illegal charter activities recently and it's important that you know the differences to stay safe in the skies.

Unfortunately last year, there was the death of Emiliano Sala, a rising star in European soccer. Sala died in a January plane crash over the English Channel. The flight was classified as general aviation, not commercial, and was not conducted with an Air Carriers Operator'sCertificate. Even closer to home, a March 2019 flight between Tampa and Palm Beach County, which ended in a crash that killed 5 was similarly unlicensed.

Simple motto “Know BEFORE you go.”

“What red flags should I look out for?

Illegal charters take many forms but here are some things to look for.

  • If the company provides the aircraft and at least one crew-member and offers to “dry lease”.
  • A lack of Federal Excise Tax (FET) charged to the customer. Legitimate operators must charge this. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Lack of a safety briefing or passenger briefing cards
  • Any evasiveness to questions or concerns. Legitimate operators should be transparent and helpful.
  • If the pilot or someone associated with the company coaches passengers on what to say or do if an FAA inspector meets the aircraft at its destination.
  • There are many resources available to identify, verify and certify that the aircraft you are traveling on for business or pleasure is in fact Part135 approved. The NATA or National Air Transportation Association provides content on their website
  • A consumer guide to aircraft charter is also available to help answer questions as well.
  • The safe travel of each and every passenger is what legitimate chartero perators do every day. Charter aircraft is the best option given the travel concerns many wish to avoid but also it’s about time. Getting to your meeting faster so you can be home for dinner. Arriving at your vacation sooner to enjoy creating memories with family.

There has never been a better time to charter private aircraft. Rates are extremely affordable and the experience is truly amazing.

Take the TRYP!

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