About the Founder.

Elliot Mintzer
Founder and CEO
Elliot Mintzer
Founder and CEO

WINGS...A popular TV series years back was my inspiration for learning to fly and someday owning my own charter company. I wanted to be Joe Hackett!  

That dream became a reality and grew into a variety of successful companies utilizing many aircraft with an ultimate focus on the Pilatus PC12.

TRYP Air Charter brings years of first-class customer service to each flight while never forgetting that personal touch.

Having extensive background as a corporate pilot with over 6,000 hours total time and 5,000 hours specifically in the Pilatus PC12, we are proud to highlight an ARGUS GOLD safety rating.

We currently operate a Pilatus PC12 with years of proven safe air charter service and invite you to experience all that TRYP and the PC12 have to offer.

If you are looking to own, operate, or place your aircraft in a charter operation to offset the cost of ownership, we welcome the opportunity to have that discussion.  

Take the TRYP!

TRYP Air Charter
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TRYP Air Charter, LLC dba TRYP Air Charter / Certificate #AHZA106C
TRYP IS HQ in Orlando, Florida and operates throughout the US and Bahamas.