TRYP Time Rates for 2020-2021

(Flight Time only. Fuel billed per trip)
100 HOURS $1,100 P/hr
50 HOURS $1,150 P/hr
25 HOURS $1,200 P/hr
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TRYP Time Block Hour Program

• Block hours are wheels up to wheels down.
• Minimum leg charge is 1 hour.
• 12-month expiration*
• Landing fees are $150.00 per landing.
• We provide 6 minutes of taxi time on each leg at no charge. (That is usually plenty to taxi out and in) Any additional taxi time is billed in .1 or 6 minute increments.
• Overnights are billed per pilot per night:Domestic $250 / Int’l $350
• All flights are estimated single pilot:$650 Captain / Copilot is $350
• $150 logistics admin per trip.
• Reservations are simple...Email or call and we can set you up.
*If balance is 8 hours or less at the end of the year and you are re-filling, we will allow a 1 time carryover of those remaining hours.

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TRYP Air Charter
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TRYP Air Charter, LLC dba TRYP Air Charter / Certificate #AHZA106C
TRYP is HQ at New Castle County Executive Airport in Indiana and operates in the Southeast.