TRYP Air Charter Expands Fleet

Feb 23, 2023


Elliot Mintzer

Lakeland, FL (February 9, 2023) TRYPAir Charter has added another aircraft to their Pilatus charter fleet. The additional aircraft is a Pilatus PC12-NG, single engine turbo prop. The Pilatus PC12-NG has one of the best safety ratings and offers exceptional features making it a great choice for business or pleasure travel. The aircraft cruises above weather at 28,000 feet and at a speed of 300 mph. There is seating for six passengers, plenty of room for cargo and AirText available, so you can stay connected during your travels. The luxurious interior cabin has BMW designed custom seating plus a full lavatory.

The additional aircraft operation will be based at Lakeland Linder International Airport (KLAL) making it a convenient location to serve the entire Tampa Bay region. TRYP is experiencing high demand for its private charter services in Florida. Expansion of the fleet operations allows the charter company to accommodate the growing market for business and personal private travel needs.

"Private air service has grown tremendously over the last few years and we are very fortunate to be located in central Florida and be part of the growth,” commented Elliot Mintzer, President of TRYP Air Charter. “The demand has not slowed down for air charter services and we are fortunate to be able to meet that demand by adding another best in class aircraft like the Pilatus PC12 NG."

Located in Polk County Florida, the Lakeland Linder International Airport (KLAL) is convenient to Interstate 4, and a short drive from Tampa and the Orlando-area. It’s easy access can save passengers time with no waiting, long lines or security checks that is experienced in large, crowded commercial airports. Ultimately, the biggest advantage is the time savings plus the stress-free experience without the hassle of flying from large airports.

The aircraft has a 1500-mile range and can fly to locations in the Bahamas or to the northeast. The PC12-NG aircraft will be utilized to fly routes to the Bahamas, Key West, Nashville, Atlanta, as well as the entire eastern seaboard and the mid-west. The PC12-NG can access runways inaccessible to some jet aircraft, making it a great choice to fly into smaller, regional airports. This feature allows passengers to potentially arrive closer to their final destination.

TRYP also serves the business traveler with executive day TRYPS. Call 904-404-8108 or click here to get a quote.

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