TRYP Air Charter Receives Argus Gold Rating

Oct 8, 2021


Elliot Mintzer

Lakeland, Florida / September 30, 2020: TRYP Air Charter proudly announced that its private air travel service has received the "Gold" ARGUS Rating offered by ARGUS.
TRY Air Charter LLC ARGUS is to aviation like JD Power is to automobiles. It measures all FAA certificated operators on various metrics that range from financial standing, maintenance and safety programs.

"The ARGUS Gold rating is viewed by many charter brokers and consumers as a benchmark in
service and safety' " commented TRY Owner, Elliot Mintzer. "Having this rating shows the
industry and the traveling public that our safety, service and maintenance programs are at the
highest level. Especially our captains with flight experience, Minter added"

TRYP Air Charter operates Pilatus PC12 aircraft from the Lakeland Linder International
Airport. Offering on demand service provides travelers many options when it comes to private
air travel.

Pilatus PC12 aircraft allow clients to travel with up to 9 passengers, enjoy a VIP experience in the
luxurious cabin that is larger than a mid-size jet for about half the hourly cost. The PC12 climbs
to 28,000' and travels at 300MPH making trips to Chicago, Washington, DC and other cities very
accessible. Visit for a free travel quote or visit TRYP on any social platform

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